GTA Kitchen Bath Reno will work with you to design your dream kitchen and bath and present you with a professional rendering using state-of-the-art design solutions to show you exactly what your new kitchen or bath will look like once it is finished!


Our designers are up-to-date on today’s trends and have an abundance of design solutions to make sure that your new space meets all of your functional and design needs.


We will manage your remodel project from start to finish to ensure that you have a stress-free and experience and a project that is completed within budget.


We understand how stressful managing a remodel can be, both financially and physically and therefore we pride ourselves on taking care of our customers to make their experience as enjoyable as possible.














Kitchens are the heart of the home. They are where your family will gather; where you will entertain; and where you will make meals filled of love for your family: they are where you will create memories of a lifetime. So for that purpose, your kitchen should be one that is fit to your needs with your design in mind.


And if you are thinking of upgrading an old and unexciting kitchen we also offer great opportunities for you. The recent most popular trends in kitchen upgrades have become: the economical and earth-friendly LED lighting options, satin finishes, transitional styling, and touch-activated kitchen faucets. But we also offer so many more varieties of upgrades and products: just browse our website.


An upgrade to your kitchen will add value to your home, and will also leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired. This is especially true when the kitchen design reflects your lifestyle and taste. And a design fit to your needs and preferences can only fully be accomplished when you have a great team working side-by-side with you: that is why we at GTA Kitchen Bath Reno are here!


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Replacing or remodeling a bathroom is only a call away, so why should your bath have an outdated or worn out item? Our team at GTA Kitchen Bath Reno believes that anything is possible to accomplish the experience you have always wished for. Although your budget and size your respective luxury space may have the power to influence some conclusions, our team will utilize and make the most of all your ideas with your respective space.

That is why we hire professionals who will cater to your ideals and demands. Our team has the experience that will get the job done accurately, from bringing value into the home, to creating a more appealing and relaxing space fit to your ideal.


Moreover, even the highest quality of material can go to waste if it is not brought to functionality perfectly or handled artfully. Function and appearance are two of the outmost important elements when designing a home and we try our best to accomplish both. Our goal is to provide you with the best with whatever your investment may be. We will always provide you with realistic estimates to renovate your space wonderfully.


A bathroom remodel can be the most cost-effective way to modernize your house.  Your bathroom is a small but very important space that can set the style for the rest of your living space.  It is also a room that you spend a lot of time in, so the changes you make to it can greatly improve your quality of life at home. In a matter of days, your entire house can feel brand new with a nice, clean, and beautiful bathroom remodel.


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Countertops directly complement your cabinets and are the working surface of your kitchen. When choosing your countertops, you’ll have to consider the material’s durability; some materials are very heat and scratch-resistant, while others require more maintenance to stay looking new. The colors and patterns the material comes in should also come into play when designing your kitchen.


When selecting your countertops, think about how you use a kitchen. Do you cook every night? Do you have a family or guests that visit often? If you spend a lot of time using your kitchen, the countertops will need to be durable enough to withstand the heat of pots and pans, stains from spills, and scratches from knives or other objects. If you rarely cook formal meals, more affordable countertops that are less durable may be more practical.


Once you decide your countertop functionality, think about the design and how it will complement the surrounding cabinets and fixtures. Do you want a modern kitchen, with sleek fixtures and a minimalist touch? Do you want a warm, traditional kitchen that reminds you of a country cottage? Depending on your style preference, the countertops you select will help to reflect this and pull the whole look together. A stainless-steel countertop would work well in modern or contemporary kitchens, while butcher block lends a warmer touch.


Adding tiles and backsplashes to your kitchen wall is a great way to add personality, drama or sophistication to your kitchen, in addition to protecting the walls above your cooktop and sink. You may like a certain pattern and color, but are unsure if it will match your cabinets or countertops. We have a variety of options and can help you select the perfect backsplash to complement and enhance your kitchen.




When you invite us into your home, we take the time to thoroughly understand your space and the goals you want to achieve with your renovation or remodel. We will ask many important questions so that we can make your vision a reality and stay within your budget.



Once we have provided an  estimate for the project, our design team will work closely with you to capture all of your requirements and selection choices. We will produce a 3D rendering of your new kitchen or bath - so you know exactly what the finished product will look like! Our design team will offer you new and innovative design solutions.



With a solid plan in place, our team begins the process. By not outsourcing our work, we have built a culture of teamwork and commitment to delivering quality service and workmanship to every client. We'll keep you appraised on progress, so you are aware of what we are doing now and what we plan to do next.



Once your new kitchen or bath is complete, we will ensure that you are satisfied and that your new space is clean and ready to use.

Our goal is to leave you with a smile!

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